Wednesday, May 15, 2013


According to Wiki, Blindness is the condition of lacking visual perception due to physiological or neurological factors.

Ariel Castros' daughter Angie Gregg, family, and neighbors never suspected that he was holding women in incarceration. Really???

Angie Gregg Over the years, Gregg would visit her and said she should have seen the signs that something was amiss when she occasionally stopped by his house. Castro would appear in a window when she arrived and hold up a hand for her to wait, Gregg said. She also noted he kept his basement locked and made her enter the home through a back door. He played loud music and when Gregg asked to see her childhood room upstairs, he told her it was too messy for her to peek in. 
"If we'd be out at my grandmas having dinner, he would disappear for an hour and come back," she said. "Everything is making sense now. It's all adding up. I am disgusted. I am horrified." 
There were more clues. Castro would never take overnight trips when he came to visit Gregg in Indiana, where she later lived with her own family. He'd leave early in the morning and return that night. When she saw a photo of a little girl on his cell phone, he told her it was his girlfriend's child, but Gregg says she wondered if Castro had indeed fathered a child out of wedlock, so much so that she asked him to take a paternity test

(People Magazine)

Really lady??? You never felt that something was wrong? You were never curious to check why the hell he was acting weird for the past TEN YEARS???

Neighbors -Neighbors of accused kidnapper Ariel Castro have revealed they saw three naked young girls crawling in the backyard of his house on all fours with dog leashes around their necks and three men controlling them, but amazingly police never responded to their call,” (London's Daily Mail). 

So you saw that once, reported to the police, nothing happened and you continue to live your live minding your own business? You never question the neighbor? You didn't go to the police again? You never noticed that the house was a bunker??? You didn't feel that something terrible could be going on? In what world do you live? Disney Land???

Sister in Law “I would go over to the house and be knocking at the door, and she was there and he wasn't, and I'd say, ‘Open the door,' and she'd say, ‘I can't, he locked it,'” explained Caraballo. “He broke her nose, her ribs, her arms. She was put into a box. He locked her in and told her, ‘When you're ready to come out, I'll tell you to come out.'”

And yet he got away with that, charges where dropped, like the abducted kid in the school bus and all the other events...

Some say the worst blind is the one who does not want to see... wicket quotation right?
But to me, someone who does not want to see what his father, relative, friend or whatever, is doing because it might be horrific, it might be criminal...that is totally wacky!!

Mind what people around you is doing, because maybe, just maybe, they might be really doing wacky stuff!

The Following

If Charles Mason is not creepy enough, now we have a prime time series at Fox called The Following.
Like Charles Mason, the psycho called Joe Caroll has a cult and has gathered people as crazy as he is to commit murders for him. Again, America is shocked with "monsters" dragging young teenagers to cages and raping them and beating them for 10 years, but they don't know where this come from???

Charles Mason

When a society substitutes light & cute tv series like Seinfeld, Mad about You, tv series that focus only on brutal murders like Dexter, The Following, CSI, Bones, etc etc...what do you expect?
Stop worshiping creeps, stop making them look like movie stars, stop pretending that the life and thoughts of psychopaths are interesting, stop turning their days in court into a reality show and maybe, just maybe, you will have a healthier society!
If Ariel Castro's lawyer is saying he is a sweet man - well, sweet usually does not go with torture, rape, incarceration and many other criminal activities...but that depends on each society's definition of sweet!
BTW, The Following, has a constant rate of 3 to 4 million viewers since its debut!!

Making psychos look like movie stars is wicked or wacky? You tell Me...

Monday, July 25, 2011

Flying car? Wacky or fatal?

São Paulo - Brazil. Playboy driving at 150km/h kills instantly a 28 yrs old female lawyer.

His thoughts: 

"I was not drunk...I had one glass of wine". (that is exactly why he refused to take the test)
"I was running away from a robbery" (a supposed car following him, where?)
"I did not reach 150km/h!" (boo hoo, the Porsche is not that fast... buy a Ferrari next time and reach 200km/h to kill other people!)
"It was in God's plan for her to die that day!" (WTF man, are you the messenger????)."

Facts: he took the risk to kill ANYONE by driving at 150km/h in a neighborhood where the speed limit is very low.  He took the risk to get involved in a car accident by driving drunk. He made her car fly 50cm off the pavement and crash, killing her!!
He did not run away from the crime scene, like many others, BECAUSE HIS CAR GOT COMPLETELY SMASHED!
He is just another Brazilian nouveau riche who made an easy fortune in a very short time, and thinks money can buy him out of this. And it will, believe me!!!!
Now I ask you the questions: 
Where was the mighty God when this fucker got out of HIS car alive???
Where was God in the video - if according to him it was God's will... Well, we see only you my friend in that video!!!

I leave my sincere thoughts for her family.
Justice? A 300,000 fine and he was out to party...

Braziiiiiilllll where the rich can party till someone flies!

Amy's "Shrine"

Amy's fans already made a "special shrine" with all the things they think she will still ned in the after life, such as cigarettes and glasses of wine. OMG!!!

Let me tell you something : disrespectful to her parents, disrespectful to the Jewish faith, and on and on...

I think I made a point caused a little chaos in my facebook page because some people did not understand it...BUT now I think I rest my case. 
Bringing alcohol to her home in London is really wacky. 
Not being kosher...even more disrespectful!!

I wonder if people brought heroin shots to John Belushi's grave when he died... just wondering...

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Wacky Amy?

British retro-soul Amy Jade Winehouse was found dead this saturday in London. 
27 years old, drug and alcohol addicted, super famous, super talented...a pity for the music industry.
Living a reckless life and being in the spotlight of tabloids because of her self destructive episodes... she was described as a crazy wild girl, a drunk bitch, a lunatic, and many more adjectives...
Amy was in fact a weak disturbed soul with chemical addictions. A victim, not a sinner.
A person with a drug & alcohol addiction is to be considered ill and needs treatment, not to be exploited by agents and by the media.
The real wackos were the ones profiting with her successes such as REHAB!
While she was singing about her own personal nightmares, people like Mark Ronson from Allido Records were making a lot of dough. Not to mention the crowds buying her albums and endorsing her illness.
The world is a funny place...give the addicted more money to buy more drugs,  put on them under a lot more pressure, expose them, laugh at them, send them to rehab and publish the pictures in the tabloids, and get surprised when they end up alone, miserable and DEAD!

Amy, weak or wacky? You tell me!

Justin Bieber under attack!

Cheap fragrance by Bieber


2010 Fifi winner Lola by Marc Jacobs

Justin Bieber was attacked by an "under covered policeman" while greeting fans outside Herald Square Macy's - NYC. News reported that the policeman was worried about the singer's safety because there was a frantic crowd gathering around the celeb. It was a "misunderstanding"!
He is an under covered police from the Good Taste Enforcement Police! In my opinion the real reason was that this man has an outstanding taste for fragrances, and  repulsed by these ridiculous celebrity fragrances launched on daily basis, wanted to beat the shit out of Bieber!
Misunderstanding??? Really?

Come forward man, and tell the world that his perfume is a piece of shit! 

So now, not only we have to stand Bieber's annoying voice, annoying haircuts, but  we also have to stand millions of teenagers smelling like Bieber's cheap perfume???

Not to mention that his perfume has a cheap design that was copied from Marc Jacobs AMAZING bottle design for Lola!

Attacking bunny Bieber, or trying to copy Marc Jacobs...who's the real wacko? You tell me!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Sarah Pailin's teenager daughter pregnancy

I have no idea why people are making such a fuzz over this pregnancy!
MTV shows "16 and Pregnant" or "Teen Mom" glamorizes teenager pregnancies, giving a publicity and attention to those girls, making them celebrities and creating an entire new pop culture for them!
The endorsements, the media coverage and the distorted notion of what is right or wrong that these realities shows are creating cannot influence the daughter of a politician? Why is she different than your teenage daughter??
I am not pro Palin, nor I share her opinions, but let's face it: she is a working mom like all of us. She is not there 24x7!
You might be shocked because Bristol's mom is in the spotlight, but did you know that 750,000 young teenagers get pregnant in America between the ages of 15 and 19?
Now you can really say "I am shocked!"
Lynn Spears and Briston Pailin are not different than the teenage girl next door!
Don't throw rocks on Sarah Pailin (even thou she is a wacky lady), but on the crap your country is showing on TV when moms are out working!!!

Glamorizing teenager pregnancy o TV, wacky or not? You tell me!